Anti-Cuddle Brings Us a New Foster Kitten

Our friend was at a funeral for someone she had known a long time when everyone looked out the window and saw a person roll a kitten from a car toward the funeral home.

Thank GOODNESS our friend was there because she immediately got up and went outside to gather the kitten into her arms. She held the little kitten close her heart for the rest of the funeral service and brought her to our house afterwards.

ARF-Animal Rescue Foundation is taking little Marjorie under its wing and UH will take her to the vet first thing in the morning. For now, she’s had some good kitten food (thanks to Ms Kittie’s fake pregnancy we have a lot of kitten food!), a drink of water, a little bath and a nap with a teddy bear who is just her size.

Marjorie is a flame point Siamese and about 6 weeks old (we checked comparison pictures on the Web). Once she’s been to the vet, she’ll be ready to be adopted. We kitties are happy to share our home and our loving humans with her in her time of need, but we do hope she moves in with a family of her own as soon as possible. (Karma will get really tired of guarding the kitten’s crate otherwise.)

For now, we’re just glad she’s not with people who would throw her away like that. No one deserves to be thrown out of a car. No one.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Cuddle Brings Us a New Foster Kitten

  1. OMC – talk about horrible. I’ve been missing for a time and am just now trying to catch up – that poor little sweet kitten. Thank Cod it has been rescued and will have a chance at a happy life.

  2. Dear Heavens!! Just how stupid are people * suppresses angry SHOUT * I hope there is such a thing as Karma and that it grabs them by the throat and shakes them good and hard!!

    We have a foster cat and kittens – but at least they are together! Bless you little kitten. May your future be brighter than it your life’s wild start.

    Marjorie and Dash

  3. HISS!!! GRRRRRRMMMMEEEEEWWWWWWWRRRR!!! *fat tail, sharpens claws*
    This makes me so mad! As a former mama cat myself who was dumped out in the country from a car, just a few days before I was due to give birth, I think people who do this belong in jail! I was three years old and scared I can only imagine how a baby kit like Marjorie felt. She is a lucky girl that your Auntie was there, just like I was lucky to find a house where some kind, compassionate humans like your Auntie, Robin, and UH who took me in and looked after me as I gave birth literally the next day. My kits were able to be born in a safe and loving place and we were all taken to a foster home so I could teach them the ways of the world. When they were old enough we all chose humans to adopt and serve us as our forever family. I praise Robin and UH and your humane society for being there to allow Marjorie the same chance. Mew are right Chessie, NO ONE OR LIVING THING deserves this kind of treatment! (Except maybe the criminals who do it to begin with- they should be dumped out of a car at the gate of the state prison. Mewmew!

  4. I was just sick when Meggy told me about this last night. How can anyone throw a kitten, or for that matter, any animal from a car. It’s lucky for the kitten your furriend saw it happen and rescued the poor little thing.

    Mom got one of her kitties that way. Someone threw a kitty out of a van, but it ran off and mom couldn’t find it. Then one day after a snow storm mom heard a kitty crying outside. There she was on Mom’s front porch! She was all matted and starving and mom just couldn’t resist bringing her in. It was supposed to be temporary, but you know how that goes.

    You guys are so pawsome for fostering so many kitties. Mom says she couldn’t do it. She’d want to keep all the kitties and never let them leave, but we can’t take care of so many kitties.

  5. THANK CAT your Auntie was there to save this beautiful kitten! My heart aches to think of what might have happened to her otherwise…. And bless you for fostering her until a home can be found-she’s so beautiful she should be able to choose a new family w/no problem! ((HUGS))

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