First, little Marjorie turned out to be a boy, and then he got adopted. It all happened so fast! He was only here with us for one night. Now, he’s called Oso and has his own family to love.

Second, little Jingles had his surgery today. His caregiver had hoped they might be able to save the leg, but they did amputate. He was resting well when we heard from his human. She should be able to pick him up tomorrow.

We had loud rainstorms yesterday and today, so we’re all a bit edgy today. Much more hissing than usual. At least we didn’t EAT a Thundershirt like Angel did over at the dog rescue!

Nutmeggy stayed upstairs ALL DAY because she was so frightened in the storm.

Ms. Kittie is going to be known as Lexie because she’s a lynx point and both words have L and X. Today, I hissed at Lexie, but she touched noses with both Karma and Reggie. And, she got up on a chair for the first time today, too.


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