Our First Weekend In 2015

We are having a great weekend this year! I hope all our weekends in 2015 are this much fun. First, Robin and U.H. are doing things we can help with, like knitting and making cat beds. Especially making cat beds.

Brie helped Robin make the bottom of the first bed, but then he didn’t want to get in the bed. Becket got in the bed first and liked it very much. Cheddar and Reggie both fit in the bed that was made for ONE Becket. Bleu tried out the bed too, but Brie got in our big box and played on his own. That was the first day.

The second day, Robin made a bed for one smaller cat. Becket was the first to try out the small bed too. I like this bed. Cheddar watched Sparkle while she groomed herself on the porch, but then he got tired. Good thing the sun was out!

Brie-Pillow Reggie-Cheddar-Bed
Bleu-bed Brie-box
CK-puzzlebed Ched-Sparkle

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Happy New Year!!!

Cheshire-kneadingI started the new year with a vet appointment. I had a chest X-ray and blood tests that said I’m doing well again!

I took my pill every day for two months and hung out on Robin’s bed. She let me have my big mousie (Henry gave him to me when I was sick before) in the bed. I love kneading the mousie.

Lately, I’ve been getting up more and going around the house. I’ve also been eating a lot and asking for more. More importantly, I haven’t been coughing.

Happy 2015 to all of my Cuddle Family!


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Unfortunately, I’m coughing again.

CK-flags-smlI had been trying to hide my coughing by hanging out all by myself, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’ve been having coughing spells three or four times a day for some weeks now, so Robin made me go to the vet yesterday.

I let everyone know how much I hate going to the vet.

Once I got there, I recognized the nice doctor who helped me when I was really sick so many years ago. Also, I realized that the quickest way to get back home was to submit to whatever they were going to do. I kept hearing “x-ray” in the humans’ conversation. I was ready to start shouting while they carried me off to another room. But the vet clinic had trouble getting my old x-ray pictures from a hard drive, so I didn’t have to tell everyone how much I hate being at the vet. I think I will have to go back for the x-ray pictures if I understood correctly. I will sing just as loudly then as I did yesterday, maybe louder.

I do have to start taking my old anti-fungal medicine again. We’ll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, the humans are giving me lots of treats. I don’t feel too bad. I’m getting along well with the other kitties, even Reggie. Life is good.


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The Pumpkin

Cheddar-pumpkin-smlCheddar and Robin finished the pumpkin today. Actually, Cheddar and the unfinished pumpkin shared Robin’s lap for a little while until Cheddar became offended by the smell of the black marker and ran off.

Colby treats the pumpkin with great caution when it is on the floor. I wish we had a video of that, but we don’t.

It’s a good thing pumpkins are good decorations for Thanksgiving and autumn in general because we missed Halloween.

pumpkin-2014-4-sml pumpkin-2014-1-sml
pumpkin-2014-3-sml pumpkin-2014-2-sml


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A Quiet Halloween

becket-brie-smlWe don’t do much at our house on the night of Halloween. The main trick or treating street in our town is only one block away, but the kids don’t come to our street.

We can hear them and see them out there. Our neighbors are partying in their front yards, which they don’t ever do!

We’re all sticking together, just like Becket and Brie.

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We live for orange and black


Happy Halloween from all of us!




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Learn what it’s like to work in veterinary medicine

ingrid-kingIngrid King, an amazing, cat-loving human, has a new book called Adventures in Veterinary Medicine that’s normally available on Kindle for a small fee. Today, October 28, you can download the book FREE.

With her kitties, Ms. King writes The Conscious Cat, a blog we very much appreciate. The Conscious Cat considers the latest developments in cat health and behavior. Ms. King draws on years of managing veterinary clinics and living with her cat family.

We downloaded the book this morning!



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Robin got to meditate on the beach this afternoon. (Petie stayed home and napped on her bed.)

Please, click here if you don’t see the video.

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A Visit to Petie’s

Petie-Oct-2014-smlWe sent Robin to check on Petie during her autumn break from classes. He’s been living there with Grandpa John and Hanne for almost two years, and she reports he’s doing exceptionally well. In case you don’t remember, the Cuteheads transported Petie from our house to his home at the beach in Florida in January 2013.

Petie-living-roomPetie’s house is lovely and a short walk to the beach. He has a big back yard with a nice, high wall and lots of prey to hunt. He sometimes catches small rodents and lizards and Grandpa John and Hanne have asked him to please be nice and only play with the other animals.

Petie is pleased with his people. They give him his food on a lovely tray. This morning he had Tuna Florentine. When they go on a trip, Petie gets to stay at a place he likes a lot where the servants treat him well. Last time, he got upgraded to a luxury condo!

Petie-Robin-2014-smlPetie has spent every possible moment he can with Robin. He sleeps with her and has helped her finish the work she had to do for her students. Robin loves Petie and is glad Grandpa John adopted him. They have a good arrangement and love each other.

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Cheddar’s training gets interesting

10704374_372244342952867_4092754898791859847_oCheddar says he didn’t expect so many adventures on the road to becoming a therapy cat. Monday he visited a fire station and had his picture taken in a fire truck. Our town, Seguin, Texas, didn’t have oxygen masks for animals on the fire trucks, so ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) donated some. Cheddar went for a group picture, but it was a bit too much for him to even think about being in a picture with firemen, ARF volunteers, dogs and a big truck. He did enjoy sitting in the big fire truck.

Today he visited the crazy dog ladies at Thunderpaws where he explored the training ring, sat on laps, and had his feet, ears and tails examined. Then he got creative and went in the sleeve of the trainer’s hoodie. All of him in there with her arm. She took the hoodie off and let him have it, but he did have to come out before he could come home. The crazy humans made a silly video out of it! (I’m not sure if you have to be on Facebook to see the link, but I thought I’d post it anyway.)

The photo was taken by Seguin, Texas, public relations. It first appeared on the Facebook page linked above.




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