Robin got to meditate on the beach this afternoon. (Petie stayed home and napped on her bed.)

Please, click here if you don’t see the video.

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A Visit to Petie’s

Petie-Oct-2014-smlWe sent Robin to check on Petie during her autumn break from classes. He’s been living there with Grandpa John and Hanne for almost two years, and she reports he’s doing exceptionally well. In case you don’t remember, the Cuteheads transported Petie from our house to his home at the beach in Florida in January 2013.

Petie-living-roomPetie’s house is lovely and a short walk to the beach. He has a big back yard with a nice, high wall and lots of prey to hunt. He sometimes catches small rodents and lizards and Grandpa John and Hanne have asked him to please be nice and only play with the other animals.

Petie is pleased with his people. They give him his food on a lovely tray. This morning he had Tuna Florentine. When they go on a trip, Petie gets to stay at a place he likes a lot where the servants treat him well. Last time, he got upgraded to a luxury condo!

Petie-Robin-2014-smlPetie has spent every possible moment he can with Robin. He sleeps with her and has helped her finish the work she had to do for her students. Robin loves Petie and is glad Grandpa John adopted him. They have a good arrangement and love each other.

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Cheddar’s training gets interesting

10704374_372244342952867_4092754898791859847_oCheddar says he didn’t expect so many adventures on the road to becoming a therapy cat. Monday he visited a fire station and had his picture taken in a fire truck. Our town, Seguin, Texas, didn’t have oxygen masks for animals on the fire trucks, so ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) donated some. Cheddar went for a group picture, but it was a bit too much for him to even think about being in a picture with firemen, ARF volunteers, dogs and a big truck. He did enjoy sitting in the big fire truck.

Today he visited the crazy dog ladies at Thunderpaws where he explored the training ring, sat on laps, and had his feet, ears and tails examined. Then he got creative and went in the sleeve of the trainer’s hoodie. All of him in there with her arm. She took the hoodie off and let him have it, but he did have to come out before he could come home. The crazy humans made a silly video out of it! (I’m not sure if you have to be on Facebook to see the link, but I thought I’d post it anyway.)

The photo was taken by Seguin, Texas, public relations. It first appeared on the Facebook page linked above.




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Sock weather

Lexi-socks-smlThis morning Robin said it was chilly.

The humans checked the temperature on the catio: 73 F.

U.H. says Robin is in trouble. Why? I’m pretty chilly too. Lexi is taking action to ward off the cold (72 F this evening).


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Meggy Loves Food…..Puzzles!

We have cool things to do at our house, including food puzzles. These are bones from a Nina Ottosson toy for dogs. Robin borrowed a whole bunch of dog puzzles for me to try, and these were my favorite. I didn’t like the toy they came with, but I did like sorting to see which bone had treats under it and whacking the bone away. Meggy likes this game too. And she’s good at it!

Watch Meggy play with the food puzzle (if you don’t see the video already, you can click here).

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On the Road…. the Driveway, Really

cheddar-dashboard-2Cheddar continues his training to volunteer as a therapy cat. He’s practicing remaining calm when Robin drops things and getting used to being in the car.

The part about objects dropping and loud noises seems like a slam dunk for him. As long as no other kitties are around, Cheddar could sleep through a book case or lamp falling over. When any of the rest of us take fright and scramble, however, he runs with us. None of us will be there when he goes for his evaluation for Pet Partners; probably a good thing.

cheddar-front-seat-smlAs for the car, he doesn’t mind riding in the car much. He goes in the carrier, meows a little, and then gets quiet. Robin really wants him to be relaxed in the car for his ride to evaluation in San Antonio. He will be in the car for about an hour. (Robin says I’m not invited to come along, which is OK with me because I don’t want to go anyway.) Of course, when he’s a therapy cat, he’ll be in and out of the car all the time, too. Robin hopes he’ll find it fun to ride in the car one day soon.

So, yesterday Robin and Cheddar started a program of hanging out in the car. Right away Cheddar went under the driver’s seat. After he came out to have a liver treat, he headed under the back seat toward the storage area in the back. Robin stopped him from going back there, fortunately.

Robin really wasn’t thinking ahead.

Cheddar-dashboard-smlToday, she stuffed yoga blankets under the car seats and cracked the windows jus a tiny bit (it got a bit hot yesterday in there yesterday, although it’s really cool for Texas this weekend). THEN, she suited Cheddar up in Colby’s harness and clipped on the leash. She decided to ditch the carrier, tucked Cheddar under her arm, and went outside. Cheddar was a little taken aback at first and wouldn’t look out the window or eat liver treats, but he got over his apprehensions.

He started hunting birds through the windows and posing for pictures. He’s going to be so excited when she takes him to Sonic for grilled chicken. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell him! She wants to surprise him.




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Bleu Skates

Bleu loves to ride.

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Lexie-hiding-smlMy humans will need Henry and Kim to help them find Lexie!

Can you find her?

If not, I’ll tell them to get the book and video! How to Find a Lost Cat.

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New Resource To Help Find Lost Cats

We have been following the career of Henry and his person Kim Freeman as they reunite more and more lost cats with their humans.

I hope we never need to hire Henry and Kim to find anybody Do you hear that, Colby!?! Colby’s the only one of us who has gone out into the big world for a long time. Reggie, Karma and I have all gone out but not recently. Actually, now that we have a well built catio, no one is particularly interested in even looking out the doors the humans use.

Nevertheless, I am glad Kim is nearby to help if we ever need her. She and Henry found some cats for the cat sanctuary in Dripping Springs this summer and another couple of cats who were lost in Austin. That got Henry and Kim on the TV news!

Kim has a lot of advice to start a search for a lost kitty. Just recently, she issued a downloadable book, How to Find a Lost Cat,  to read right away. The book is an immediate download, so you won’t make some of the mistakes that humans often do when looking for lost kitties.

Karma-shelf-smlIf your cat is lost, first look in every conceivable place – and the inconceivable ones, too – INSIDE your house. WITH A FLASHLIGHT.

(See how well Karma blends in on the shelf with all of Robin’s stuff?)

My name is Cheshire Kitten because I have a super-developed ability to disappear. I used to scare Robin all the time by hiding. Now, she knows I’ll come out when I’m ready. She also knows to look in the cabinet for the water heaters, in the rafters, behind the enormous, orange thermos….


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Caturday at Our House



U.H. to Lexie: Why is one of your eyes smaller than the rest of them?


Lexie: *blinks*


Robin: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Wait. I wonder if someone whacked her?

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