Nutmeg and Karma Play

imageKarma and Nutmeg love to play in and on this trash can. U.H. Bought it, but she never got to use it because we kitties took it.

The red pepper is Nutmeggy’s Gotcha Day gift. She doesn’t want anyone else to play with it.

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Funny Meggy!

Nutmeggy says she’s TIRED of the Cheeses.

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Thanks for being our friend.


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The Cheeses are running for office!

Cheeses-entry-smlOur little Cheeses want so much to help their fellows that they filed candidacy in the Dog Ambassador election in our town!!! Here’s their campaign statement:

We are the Cheeses: Brie, Cheddar, Bleu and Colby. We line up for equal opportunity for cats to represent animal companions. We will serve dogs, cats, and all animals of our community boldly, strongly, and with a soft paw for those in need. A vote for us is a vote for unity in the community!

Humans vote by donating to the Guadalupe County Humane Society on behalf of their favorite candidate at Thunderpaws Canine Solutions. The candidate with the most votes on September 27 becomes Dog Ambassador. If you are far away and want to vote for the Cheeses, you don’t have to come all the way here. You can call Thunderpaws at 830-379-7000, or Robin will help you. Just click on this button, and send Robin some votes for her to stuff in the ballot box. Each vote costs $1. Robin will turn the votes in for you and will happily provide a receipt if you ask for one.

Now, we know the Cheeses aren’t a dog, but the humane society helps dogs AND cats. The Cheeses are good little boys who want to help. Why shouldn’t they be elected Dog Ambassador? I think they SHOULD BE, and YOU should help them!

Come to the victory party on September 27 in the park across the street from Thunderpaws to find out how much money we raise for GCHS!

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Cheddar has a big heart!

Cheddar-heart-bed-smlThe ginger Cheeses have beautiful classic tabby coloring, and Cheddar’s coat is particularly extraordinary.

Can you see the heart?



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How many kitties does it take to catch a bug?

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I let the cat out of the bag about how many kitties.

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The Cheeses’ First Annual Checkup

bleu-after-vet-smlThe Cheeses went to meet our wonderful veterinarian today. (I know, I know, how can I think a veterinarian is wonderful? Remember… she did our exam sitting under the examining table last year! How can I not love her?)

All four Cheeses went in two carriers. Brie and Bleu rode together, and Cheddar and Colby rode together. U.H. went along too, but she didn’t have to go in a carrier, just the car with Robin.

brie-carrier-smlDr. Gowens said the boys were in good shape and that Robin is doing a good job with all of us kitties. Cheddar’s paw looks fine after the antibiotics he took. He weighs 10.2 pounds, and had most of the checks he needs to be a therapy cat volunteer.






Colby weighs 9.7 pounds. He’s the littlest. He has gingivitis around one tooth. That could explain why he eats slowly. Robin has found that Colby likes the kibbles the Garden Kitties eat and having more kibbles may help his gums.

Brie is the biggest at 13.9 pounds. Dr. Gowens checked his hips because the humans have been a bit concerned about the way he walks and doesn’t jump much. She says Brie’s range of motion is within the normal range and his legs move smoothly. I guess he just doesn’t like jumping. His body condition rated a 7 out of 9, which means he’s a bit chubby, but still good.

Bleu had the most fun at the vet. He explored all over the office. Mostly, he was interested in a hole for the computer cords. The vet techs told the humans that the farthest he could get was examining room two, but U.H. sat on the floor and blocked the hole with her head. MOL! Blue weighs 12.7 pounds and is very healthy. He purred through his whole exam. (Of course, he was purring to calm himself, not because he was happy.) Dr. Gowens and the vet techs noticed that Bleu is really smart!

Brie tried to go through the hole too. For a moment, he was hanging from it by one claw. U.H. held him up while Robin unhooked his claw.

lexi-on-carrier-smlAll of the Cheeses had some vaccinations, but only Cheddar had the test for feline leukemia. The other Cheeses didn’t have to have the test because they are litter mates, their mom tested negative,  and they haven’t been exposed to the virus.

Colby was the only Cheese who sang, and only a little bit.

When the Cheeses got home, everyone got some really good treats….. in the carriers.

Some of us posed for pictures when the Cheeses got home. Bleu, Cheddar and Brie went back in the carriers for treats. Lexi got on top of the carrier but didn’t go anywhere.


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Misplaced Cheeses

robin-mat-smlThe Cheeses are entering some contest and need a group portrait. Robin thought if she lined all their mats up, they would sit nicely in a row for U.H to snap the photo.

Cheddar and Robin are looking for Brie and Bleu. That’s Colby on the couch with Reggie.



Brie eventually showed up, but he got distracted by grooming with Reggie. By that time, Cheddar and Colby had left.

Bleu thought the whole thing was silly and didn’t participate.

The Cheeses know their mats make treats. The current Kitten School topic is one cat per mat.

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Evening Sparring

Brie doesn’t need to study Aikido; he is a born master.


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The Super Moon

super-moon-smlThe humans went outside Sunday night to look at the moon. I asked them ,”Why tonight when the moon is there every night?”

They said it was a SUPER moon, which means the moon’s position relative to Earth makes it look really big.

The Cheeses and Reggie watched the humans from the entry through the front door and window. Karma watched from the front windows on the house. Karma worries about U.H. when she’s outside, and the humans could hear her crying from upstairs.

huck-orange-smlHuck was out there looking at the moon with the humans. He is an orange tabby, but not usually this orange! The street light made him look oranger.

I have seen the moon, and the humans, before.

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Therapy animal training

ReportRobin has been studying Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities (AAT/AAA) this summer. She actually does AAA already in her Leadership course. Her students learn positive reinforcement training to help dogs in rescue prepare to meet potential adopters. Working with the dogs helps students explore new ways of thinking about leading, whether it’s people or animals.

Robin also helped start a dog visit day at the end of the semester to help the university students de-stress before they take final exams.

Now that she’s qualified to get evaluated with a pet to register both with Therapy Animals of San Antonio and as a Pet Partners team her dog friend Ipha, an experienced therapy dog, is going to finish training Robin.

One of the first things humans in training to handle therapy animals learn is, “You Are Your Animal’s Best Advocate.” That means that humans need to have enough sense to understand that sick or hurt pets should stay at home until they are better. That’s why Cheddar needs extra training time. He stayed home after he swallowed the ribbon and hurt his paw. He will be able to spend time with Robin at work this fall because she will have flexible schedules on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Robin’t looking forward to having him, and maybe other kitties, along with her in the office.

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