Cheddar goes to the vet.

cheddar-vet-smlCheddar took an impromptu trip to the veterinarian this morning.

He pooped a very long length of 1/4″ satin ribbon just before bed last night. Thank Bast, Robin did NOT take a picture of the poop although it was an interesting shape and color. The ribbon was pink or orange to begin with, and turned a deep shade of red inside Cheddar. The little man’s intestines folded that ribbon into neat, accordion pleats on the way through his digestive tract.

cheddar-purse-smlHe didn’t get to meet our FAVORITE veterinarian, who has the nerve to take a week off. Cheddar reports that the sub was satisfactory, the tech was nice to him, but Robin didn’t live up to her usual high standard of service. She did not take Cheddar’s pouch! He feels safe in his pouch, but he had to resort to hiding his face in her purse. Next time, she promises, she will take his pouch.

cheddar-mat-smlWe did learn that the mats Robin made for the Cheeses are purrfect for those times when a kitty needs to be brave but isn’t feeling very confident.

Cheddar stayed on Robin’s lap under the mat the whole time they waited for the vet and then while they waited to be able to use the x-ray machine (the x-ray is in the operating room, and another vet was performing a spay surgery). They offered to keep Cheddar so Robin wouldn’t have to wait, but she didn’t want to leave the little man. (Not so little, really. They said Cheddar weighs 11 pounds!)

The x-ray showed that he’d had a good breakfast and has a lot of poop in his colon. Seems as though the ribbon was the only weird thing he ate. We’re supposed to watch for vomiting and anorexia (that means not eating, which would be VERY ODD for this Cheese). He’s already had Alpha Cat kibbles from the food puzzle and greeted his brothers heartily.

Now, Robin understands why Cheddar cried when he used the box on Sunday night and why he wasn’t particularly into going out to Thunderpaws or to work with her for the last few days. The vet said it would be hard to know how long ago he ate the ribbon because stuff twists around in the intestines.

Cheddar is a lucky little guy this time and really needs to stop eating junk off the floor. Also, Robin could stop leaving junk on the floor in the first place. She threw out everything that looked like a ribbon as soon as she figured out what was in the poop.


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uni-brie-smlBrie wasn’t up all night partying.

unicorn-catNope. He is wearing an inflatible unicorn horn for cats. Our Robin’s got a friend who gives her interesting stuff for kitties. One time we got catnip fortune cookies! That was a good one! I’m not as thrilled about the Unicorn Horn for Cats.

Brie is a good sport. No one would wear it right side up.


Thanks to Spencer for taking such a cute picture of little Brie!

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TTouch Today

philippe-after-ttouch-smlRobin is meeting a new client for TTouch this afternoon. She’s halfway into her practitioner training and consults for her case studies. She turned in five case studies at the training in Colorado and will turn in another five at her next training in November. This set of cases must include consultation with the client’s human and several visits with the same client.

She will see Spills, a 16-year-old dog who lives with one of Robin’s friends, and Bebo, a Jack Russell. Robin is meeting both Bebo and his human for the first time today.

The picture is Philippe, a happy client.

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Profile of Colby Cheese

colby-smlColby was the quiet one when the Cheeses were little. He was he most fearful of the four. Now that he’s been through socialization with food cooking on the stove (he used to run out of the room) and the television (he fled to a safe place), he is developing into a fine, social kitty.

Cheeses-Sesame_Street-smlColby usually comes a little late for dinner although he doesn’t seem so concerned right now that his brothers will step on him. He now spends time in the kitchen and watches TV with the humans.





He loves most of all to play with feathers. He surpassed himself in climbing to get the feather toy off the dish cabinet in the dining room. While Colby was up there, he discovered the Japanese doll Robin inherited from her grandmother. (Grandpa John brought the doll all the way from Japan when he was in the air force a long, long time ago.) We are not allowed to touch the doll, for OBVIOUS reasons.

Colby keeps a respectful distance, unlike the other Cheeses, so I do prefer his company when I’m in the mood for kittens.

Colby is also the only one of the Cheeses to have a human best friend who comes to visit him almost every week. (She will play with any of us, but Colby has the most fun with her!)

Cuddle Family members who got this update by email can click on the title of the post to go to my website and see a video of Colby playing. It’s worth it, I tell you!


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Let’s make the bed!



Becket says, “What do you mean the bed’s not ready? I think it’s purrfect!”


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Robin and Nutmeggy Dancing

Robin told her friends on Facebook that she was dancing with Meggy the other night. Well, we had a request for video, so ….

The song is “Gold Dust Woman,” by Fleetwood Mac. Our Robin sprinkles gold dust for us: it’s made of TUNA.

Cuddle Family members who are seeing this post in their email may click on the title to go to my website and see the video. It’s worth it, I promise!


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First Guest Cuddle in AGES

10254038_10100724399295183_3517674505682926889_nThis is Simone and her human. They live in Iowa, which is currently VERY HOT.

Summer cuddles have to take a light touch!

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Morning Naps Are Important

We wake Robin up at 6. Sometimes she doesn’t GET up till 6:30. In the meantime, the Cheeses run from one end of the house to the other. Very fast. (I must admit this scares me a little.) We have breakfast, go on the catio if we want to, and then we nap. We all nap. Today, I napped in the plum chair, which is getting to look like a golden chair instead. (I love furring the furniture!)

Becket gave Brie a forehead bath and Colby wanted one too, so they batted each other a little then rested. Becket never quite fell asleep, but Colby did. I saw it all.



Cuddle family members who subscribe by email may click on the title to link to the video on my website.

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Heart Coherence

em2-smlRobin got this cute little device to evaluate her heart coherence. We kitties say her heart is coherently placed in the kitties’ corner and that’s all she ever needs to know, but she disagreed.

Being in a state of heart coherence, she told us, means the rhythms of her heart are balanced. Furthermore, having a balanced heart rhythm will influence her ability to regulate her hormones, digestion, respiration, immune functioning and cognition. She says practicing breathing along with the blue lights will improve her quality of life, and ours too.

We certainly like to play with the little red light, so if Robin wants to play with a little blue light, we are all for it! The green light means she is – at least temporarily – in a state of high heart coherence. A red light would mean her rhythms are out of sync and a blue one that the rhythms are moderately in sync.

The device is called emWave 2, and she bought it from the Institute of Heart Math. She learned about the work of Heart Math from her TTouch instructor, Linda Tellington-Jones. Heart coherence is important for TTouch practitioners for many reasons, among them that other beings’ bodily rhythms will come into sync with the strongest rhythm around (called entrainment). That means that when Robin is in a state of heart coherence, we will become calmer too.

The man in the big, brown van brought the em Wave 2 the other day. Robin breathed with it before she went to sleep that night. She said she hasn’t slept so well in a LONG time. WE said, thank you for the late breakfast. Well, only by one half hour…

P.S. Happy Birthday, Grandpa John!



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