Three Cheers for Customer Service!

Cheshire-sitting-smlFor a few years, we’ve been getting almost all of our food delivered from  We enjoy receiving the big boxes filled with bags and cans of food, treats, and packing paper. We get to keep the box in the entry room until we’re tired of it, too. Robin likes the prices and the convenience of not having to go to the pet store all the time.

Until the latest box, we had no problem with anything in our order ever. This time, one of the cans of food burst, squirting meat and gravy all over the box. It wasn’t the first box Robin opened, so the meat had several days to spoil before the problem was discovered. Robin took a picture of the two spoiled cans in the messy box (too bad there’s no “smell-o-graph”) and emailed it to Chewy customer service.

A Chewy representative wrote back in less than an hour to thank her for sending the photo and to tell us a replacement order is already on it’s way!

Great customer service, good prices, wide selection, convenient delivery, copious amounts of packing paper, big cardboard boxes. What more could a cat ask for?

By the way, that’s Brie in the box. (If you’re reading this post in email, you can click through to our site to see Brie.)

5 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Customer Service!

  1. Yep, we luv Chewy fur all those reasons and more. And mommy says while da rest of da world’s customer service has gone to you know where, Chewy remains top notch. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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