Behind The Password

Mom and I didn’t sit in the car yesterday or today because yesterday she was TOO TIRED. She FELL ASLEEP in the middle of a sentence talking about the birds at the zoo. Today, she came home from work early and sat in her bed with a heating pad on her head. Humans are silly and don’t know how to take advantage of the wonders of a heated sleeping pad.

Anyway, she did want me to remind everyone that the password for her EXCLUSIVE post is the same as the last one. If you don’t know the password or don’t remember, please write to Cheshie at cheshirekitten AT sbcglobal DOT net to find out.

If you are reading my note in email, you HAVE TO click through to our site to see a CUTE picture of me.

3 thoughts on “Behind The Password

  1. Yoo are on gorgeous ladycat Spirit Sisfur! HOpe your Mom feels ok – sending ehr #HealingPurrs & ((HUGS))
    Luv yoo!

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