I’ve been quiet, but I’m back, at least for a while.

8382D98E-26CE-48A8-A8D4-3FF0EC72EF15The new Facebook group for anipals’ humans caught my attention while I was cuddling with Robin at bedtime. She’s having fun reconnecting with all my old pals, and I need to reconnect too. We had so much fun while working to raise donations to help animals in rescue and disasters and broaden awareness of animal welfare issues! But Robin had to put more attention into her work and her volunteering with animals in need, so I lost touch with my pals. I hardly ever tweet these days and haven’t posted on my blog in forever.

I want to share something important that some of my friends know but most don’t. A few weeks ago I found out I have vaccine site sarcoma on my shoulder. Although I haven’t had any shots at that spot for years, there is evidence the reaction can occur even 11 years after an injection. Only 1 in 10,000 cats is likely to have this reaction. Robin says I have walked lightly on the earth my whole life.

Robin noticed a seed-sized lump near my shoulder a couple of days after my annual check-up in August. She monitored it for a week, hoping it was an anomaly and would go away. When it didn’t, she made me another appointment with our lovely veterinarian. Hurricane Harvey kept us from keeping that appointment, then I refused to go to another appointment. Finally, Robin tricked me into going. By that time, the lump on my shoulder had grown pretty big. My doctor measured it and drew some fluid out of it. She asked if I had a microchip (I don’t!) because that could have explained the lump.

Robin asked her what she saw when she looked at the slide under her microscope. She said what she saw told her it wasn’t an abscess or cyst, and she needed to send it to a pathologist.

My vet and Robin both looked sad. Robin told me she already knew in her gut the pathologist would say I have cancer. She wanted to know what that would hold in store for us. I just wanted to go home, but the humans kept talking. The doctor told her I could go to an oncologist but that it was really hard to remove this kind of tumor completely. If they didn’t get all of it, the wound might never heal. She hugged Robin. I got medicine for a tapeworm, and we finally headed home.

I don’t want to go to another doctor. I have a hard enough time going to the doctor I like! I’m glad Robin and my doctor understand me so well. If I had surgery, it could hurt my spine. It would definitely mean I would have to stay in a hospital without Robin, and she would have to touch me in ways I don’t like while I recovered from the operation.

I was coughing a lot this summer, and they had wanted to send my pee to a lab in Indiana to find out if fungal pneumonia was back. Because of my lump, I don’t have to send my pee. Anyway, I hardly ever cough now.

4AF2006F-1FA9-4D63-883D-789DE584E93CI’ve been pretty happy the last couple of weeks.I’ve been staying on Robin’s bed ALL THE TIME. I like to play. She brings me my food and treats here and holds my water glass for me when I want a drink. If the other cats crowd me, I go under the bed. I come out when they are done stealing my food. (This is Colby Cheese sitting with me. He’s quiet like me. I share my food with him willingly.) I nose Robin’s finger or offer a paw to get my treats. Robin feeds me last, so she can sit with me longest.

When Robin comes home from work, I bump her with my forehead. I love to bunny kick her if she’s been gone too long. I cuddle with her and sometimes see tears in her eyes. She tells me the past six years have been a gift.

I wouldn’t have made it without her. She has kept me safe for nine years. She made me take my medicine and go for health checks. She was patient and gave me my own room when I could barely handle my fears. She tells me I inspired her to do things she never would have thought possible.

Please, think of us these next few months. Check in with us here or on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll let you know when things change for me. Neither of us would be our best selves without all of you.



Cheshire Kitten

18 thoughts on “I’ve been quiet, but I’m back, at least for a while.

  1. This brings tears to my eyes! I’m so sorry to hear about the sarcoma. Truffle’s little brother, Beignet, developed a sarcoma after his vaccination at 11 weeks of age. It’s very rare to develop this type of tumor and even more rare how quickly Beignet developed it. My thoughts are with you.

    Mom Paula

  2. Oh sweetheart this devastated me. You have been such a treasure to me the past 5 years following your blog. You and Robin were so kind when I lost my soulmate Phoebe almost four years ago now. This year has not been good as I unexpectedly lost my newest babe after Pheebs, Clove to FIP in January and in August I had to say goodbye to Phoebe’s fur bro Kaspars who at age 16 had been fighting FIV, CKD, and hyperthyroidism the past several years. He was a former feral like yourself and my first and only foster who I happily accepted as a foster fail. Just as Robin describes your time together, I felt the same about my beastie boy and am grateful I was able to give him the gift of traveling to the Bridge peacefully at home as he didn’t like trips anywhere either.
    Now learning this makes 2017 one of the worst years of my life. I am kitty less now for the first time in 15 years, but am hoping to be adopted again soon.
    I’m so sorry sweetie, this is a rotten deal. I am going to message Robin so we can keep in touch. I am so honored to have your pantographed book to treasure and remember you always.
    Enjoy every moment of love and endless treats you have together, you are loved the world over Chessie.

  3. I reckon that cheeky minx Isagold might be callin you Chesh… but you aint done yet mate. Fight the good fight… as mom’s go, Robin is one of the best, so we know yurr in the best care possible & we send you all purrs of love & strength.
    WeK, #AngelIsa, #Bettyblue #Finndawg & Annette xxxxx

  4. Oh Cheshire, we’re so sorry this is happenin’. We so hate that those of us in the South have to have those nasty rabies shots every year. Sometimes we think the dangers of the shots outweigh the actual dangers. But alas…We’ll be thinkin’ ’bout ya’;; and sendin’ lots and lots of hugs and purrayers your way. Ifin ya’ll need anythin’, purrlease let us know ifin we can help.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  5. Oh dear pal – I know the hoomans are doing all they can for you. I will look for you here and on twitter.

    Angel Belle

  6. We have leaky eyes as Mom types this. You’re such a special furiend & we love your whole family so very much. May you feel our love surrounding you each day. Robin is the BEST Mom yoo could have effur chosen and I know the time yoo have left here will be peaceful & full of love. The twitter anipal community is blessed to call yoo our furiends!
    ((HUGS)) & #ComfortingPurrs for all of yoo!

  7. Cheshire my pal, thank you for sharing your latest news about yourself. I’ll be sending pawsitive and healing thoughts. Hugs and purrs. Smokey8 and Tessie

  8. I’m so sorry, CK. I don’t know what else to say. We love you and Robin and we’re sending you lots of love and light. =^..^=

  9. Oh Cheshire! Sending lots of pawsative thoughts and prayers for you and Robin. You’re a very wise kitty and you know that you’re needed by your pals. {{hugs}}

  10. Oh Cheshie i am sorry to read this. I know hoe Robin feels, it is awful. I hope you and she treasure your time together. I know when i decide to go to Rainbow Bridge, you do not have to be afraid. Not only will all your old pals be there to wave farewell, and to welcome you, my Nike will be there to greet you personally, and take you around, show u the softest clouds and best catnip fields.
    I feel glad to know you.
    Much love,
    Deb & RaphaelGingerBoy

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