Clean Air Helps

Yesterday Robin and I worked on a new process for making drawings. We ended up not changing anything at all that she does before getting out her markers (more on the art in a couple of days), but supervising her distracted me from bouts of coughing. The fungal pneumonia I had when I was a youngster left scars on my lungs, so I cough from time to time. Usually, I feel well and keep my eye on everything in our studio/utility area, but something in the air yesterday got to me.

One of Robin’s friends gave us a HEPA filter for our house to help Brie’s ck-bed-webbreathing, but I needed it more. Robin brought the filter into my general area, and I barely coughed after that. I felt so good later that I ran from the studio to hop in bed with her. A whole bunch of us snuggled up together. I didn’t cough much even in the bedroom. I did throw up at 4:20 a.m., but way on the opposite side of the bed from where we were all sleeping. Everybody got up, but we came back after Robin settled in again.

I slept on one side of Robin, and Reggie slept on the other.

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