Could you help Jingles?

Little Jingles is in a bad situation. He’s a community cat here in town, and he’s injured. His leg is broken and he would need surgery to put it back together. His caregiver found that out when ARF helped her get him a visit with the vet. The vet gave him a bit of anesthetic and checked him out. (She also gave Jingles a rabies vaccine while he was there.)

His caregiver figured she wouldn’t be able to afford that surgery and found out that the only other alternative that will save him from getting life-threatening infection in the break is amputation. But even amputation is really expensive for her.

That’s where ARF and a loving community of human cat lovers comes in. ARF agreed to launch an emergency fund-raising web page and within JUST a few minutes Jingles had a third of the $600 he needs for amputation to prevent infection

When we raise the rest of the funds, Jingles will have his operation — the vet can also neuter him at the same time — and his caregiver will bring him into her home for recovery.

If you can help, click on the “Give Now” button to the right.

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