Tell Your Humans to “Fix at Four” because “It Saves More”

Best Friends has a BIG promotional campaign called, “Fix at Four.”

They are raising awareness among humans who already believe that spay/neuter is a good idea. They want those good humans to understand that we cats and dogs are kind of precocious in our reproductive behavior. We can have babies when we are still babies ourselves and they need to get us in for spay/neuter when we’re FOUR months old. The next two videos give the humans that perspective. Robin was quite surprised when she watched the first one and laughed when she saw the end of the second one.

Robin is going Saturday to the Pet Expo in San Antonio to help Best Friends spread the news about Fix at Four. Stop by and see the Best Friends booth if you’re at the expo!

Email subscribers have to go to the post to see the video! Just click on the headline.

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