Please, Help NC Kittens Find a Home

521988_10200340287894830_135921034_nRobin has been working with a group of my Twitter anipals’ people to help a kitty family in North Carolina. The whole story started with someone in an apartment complex abandoning a young female kitty when they moved out. On her own on the streets, this kitty didn’t know how to take care of herself. She got pregnant because the people who abandoned her hadn’t thought to get her spayed. (Remember, FIX AT FOUR!!! Kitties can get pregnant as young as FOUR MONTHS OLD.)

Nice people in the apartment complex started feeding the kitty and she ended up with the name Princess Izzy because two different people named her.

Then, Princess Izzy’s kittens started showing up for feeding time. One …. two … three … four. Three gingers and one black. The person who cared about the kitties most was @TigerBoytheCat‘s Auntie D. Auntie D struggled, and finally captured the kittens. You can read the story in her own words in the updates on the YouCaring page that Miss Dana Pixie of #pawcircle set up to help concerned people contribute for care and transportation.

The kittens and mama are boarding at a vet in Gastonia, N.C., near Charlotte. With the help of some anipals, Auntie D is going to keep Princess Izzy to be a companion to her and her mom. Auntie D is the sole caregiver for her elderly mom, and both of them felt a lot of joy having the loving little kitty around the apartment. They have really felt bereft while she’s been boarding at the vet with her kittens.

The kittens are having trouble finding a place at the inn.

The humans have been trying to find a place for them in rescue or a no-kill shelter near them. But everyplace is full. We even tried to bring them here to our house, but it was impossible to arrange a volunteer transport and and the pet movers charge just as much for one little kitten as they do for a BIG DOG. It just is too expensive to get them here that way.

Without transportation, the humans redoubled efforts to find a place in North Carolina or anyplace close enough to take the kittens. The best they’ve been able to do so far is the Humane Society of Charlotte will help with kitty litter and food for a foster family that will keep them until a place opens up in the shelter. Auntie D can’t foster them because the pet deposit is way too expensive for a lot of pets and her apartment is barely big enough for Auntie D, her mom and Princess Izzy.

These kittens are hitting the wire at the vet too. They have to be out in a week. Someone MUST pick them up by August 29. They are lovely babies but very scared in the boarding cage. The humans are searching for anyone anywhere near Charlotte who could foster the kittens or better yet adopt them!

If you could foster or adopt, please contact my human at rbisha (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

If you aren’t near there and want to help, please consider giving to the cause of caring for the kittens at the YouCaring site for them.

Please, share the story of these kittens and help us find someone who can help them!

Please, help with faith and prayers that the universe will open up and allow the kittens to find a home.

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