Nutmeggy Loves to Play

I’m not sure I would have CHOSEN to invite a kitten into the house, but now that Nutmeg is getting a little older, I am having a lot of fun playing with her.

We play a lot, actually. Sometimes, I trick her a little while we are playing. I hide, meow to call her into the room and then pounce on her. Other times, we work together to beautify Upstairs Human’s sweatshirt shelf.

I can hear Nutmeg coming!

She’s pretty fast, so she’ll be here in no time. I’ll run over to the shelf and wait for her. She’s energetic. I like to get situated in a place where I’ll have an advantage.

I do a pretty good job of holding my ground, but Nutmeg gives me a good workout. It’s been a bit more than a year since I played with anyone this energetically. I think it’s helping me get back in shape.

Robin says that Nutmeggy takes it easy on me, but I don’t agree. Nutmeg is always telling people she wins all the games, too. They don’t give me enough credit.

Pals, I’ve got to come up with strategies to convince them that I’m a rough, tough mancat. What shall I do?

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