A New Leaf in a New Year

I have always been rather standoffish with humans. The only time I ever cuddled with Robin was after she had surgery and when I was really sick. When she held me at the vet the day we got my fungal pneumonia diagnosis I purred. That was the ONLY time I had ever purred in her arms.

I am determined to turn over a new leaf the year. I started by curling up on Upstairs Human’s lap last week, several times. Then, I sat on her lap while she surfed the Net and read her e-mail. She got finished on the computer before I was done sitting on her lap, but she waited. Her consideration for my needs helped to boost my confidence.

What's she doing here?So, when Robin came upstairs to get warm the other day, I decided to check out her lap too. First, I started with her toes. Her quilt told me a LOT about the company she keeps downstairs. Everyone who’s been on that quilt smells a bit familiar to me, and even I might have been on it sometime in the past.

I invited my sisfur Nutmeg to check out Robin’s toes and quilt along with me. These days, I spend a lot of time with Nutmeg. Nutmeg told me that she knew all those guys who had been on the quilt and she naps with them frequently. She wasn’t all that impressed.

Nutmeg loves Robin a lot, but she also likes to play with me. She’s very nice to me. Usually. You’ll see in the next few posts what Nutmeg and I like to do for fun.

She is just a kid, so I didn’t trust her assessment completely.Nutmeg sniffs

I had to make sure that nobody was under there, really.


It seemed safe, like nobody was under there, but you never know. I had to give it a little bit more effort, just to make sure.

No one under there, reallyOnce I was confident that nobody else was hiding under that quilt, I climbed up on those orange and yellow stripes and fit myself right in between Robin’s shins.

I stayed there for at least 10 minutes. I felt comforted there, snuggling on Robin’s lap. Maybe I’ll do it again. I hope the cold hangs around here for a long time. If she has to sit up here to get warm, I’ll have more opportunities to snuggle with her.

2 thoughts on “A New Leaf in a New Year

  1. YAY – dat’s a real milestone for you friend. I bet you grow to like it more and more each day – I sure do. Now I beg for a lap sometimes. I’m very stingy with my purrs tho.

  2. OMC I iz so happy dat u iz lubbin da humanz more and it will gets betterer every day too.

    I finks dat kid Nutmeg doz be a good influence on u. Even iffen herz iz just a kid.

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