Hire The Pros For Your Litter Box

Originally published

by Cheshire Kitten on 22 January 2011

in the Features section of The Anipal Times

Denver relaxes in a litter box that is ready for a refill.
Denver relaxes in a litter box that is ready for a refill.

I just read in the Wall Street Journal about a new service for we kitties to demand: professional litter box cleaning.

Doody Calls franchises added cat box cleaning to their dog waste removal business in November, and the service is already popular with pregnant women and older cat staff.

“We certainly expect the kitty litter service to provide 2011 with a revenue boost, but it will take a few years before it really has an impact,” founder Jacob D’Aniello told WSJ.

Doody Calls has been cleaning up after our doggie pals since 2000 and began franchising the service in 2005. The business has really taken off and made $3.5 million in 2010.

If your humans want to join the Doody Calls franchise network, the opportunity will cost at least $45,000 and maybe more if they use more than one truck.

Although Doody Calls is not the first company to offer cat litter box cleaning (in a quick Web search I found several local services, also linked with dog waste removal), it may be the first nationwide service of it’s kind.

Doody Calls charges about $15 a week for one litter box. I may suggest that my humans get us a franchise of our own.

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