If I Become a Therapy Cat

Mom said if I become a therapy cat, I will get all the pets and treats I could ever want. Mom SAID I will get to spend LOTS more time with her if I become a therapy cat. She said I will start spending more time with her and getting more treats when I start training.

I was thinking about it.

THEN, Mom rolled me out of bed just now and put that pink harness that doesn’t fit right on me and grabbed one of those silly, bouncy leash things and beforeIknewit I was OUTSIDE!¬†Outside means only one thing: going to THE VET.


And then I peed on her.

IMG_0007I kind of wish I hadn’t now, because she was so nice when we got in the car. Mom sat in the back seat with me instead of wayupthere in the front. I GOT TO SIT ON HER LAP AND EAT CHICKEN AND LOOK OUT THE WINDOW. I was scared at first, but after some chicken and we didn’t go anywhere, I started to look around. I saw birds, and squirrels, and a lady with a baby in a pushcart with a cover. Mom said it’s just like the pushcart we have in the garage that she has pushed me around in but for humans. No one has gone anywhere in that pushcart except Brie and Colby when she was going to give them away to somebody else, maybe, if the right person turned up at the adoption event. I wish that had happened.

Mom and I sat in the car for a really long time — like at least FIVE minutes — with me sitting on her lap. I didn’t sit on my pee because Mom’s coat soaked it all up, but it smelled like me, and like chicken, in the car. Most of all I was with MOM and we didn’t go anywhere except back inside the house.

Mom SAID we won’t go anywhere in the car until I’m not scared anymore.

And chicken.

And squirrels.

But the car?

Mom didn’t tell me cats do therapy in the car.

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4 thoughts on “If I Become a Therapy Cat

  1. Aaaaaaw Nutmeg, it’s all good. We’ve done some of dat therapy work befur. Actually, we take a small break from our Service Cat duties every Christmas to some at da local nursing homw. It’s great fun. You need to have your mommy check out da Kitty Holsters fur ya’. They fit much better and make ya’ feel really safe and secute. Tell ’em we sent ya’. Those strollers are great fun too. We do dat a lot. And hey, ridin’ in da car usually means lots of great treats. Mommy says, short trips ’round da block to start, help us kitties learn dat da car doesn’t always mean da VET office. Da next place to go is somewhere cool like a Pet store of da drive thru at a bank, or sonic. We hope you do well. Ya’ might wanna check out our Service Cat Monday postys fur trainin’ tips. And we’re always open to questions. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  2. That’s cool that you’re gonna be a therapy cat. Mom keeps thinking about doing that with me, but I’m too unpredictable. She’s not sure I’d stay put for other humans to pet me.

  3. I’m sorry you got scared, Nutmeg. But if you just sit in the car a little bit at a time, maybe it won’t be so scary anymore and you’ll be able to enjoy going places with your mom :)

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