Therapy animal training

ReportRobin has been studying Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities (AAT/AAA) this summer. She actually does AAA already in her Leadership course. Her students learn positive reinforcement training to help dogs in rescue prepare to meet potential adopters. Working with the dogs helps students explore new ways of thinking about leading, whether it’s people or animals.

Robin also helped start a dog visit day at the end of the semester to help the university students de-stress before they take final exams.

Now that she’s qualified to get evaluated with a pet to register both with Therapy Animals of San Antonio and as a Pet Partners team her dog friend Ipha, an experienced therapy dog, is going to finish training Robin.

One of the first things humans in training to handle therapy animals learn is, “You Are Your Animal’s Best Advocate.” That means that humans need to have enough sense to understand that sick or hurt pets should stay at home until they are better. That’s why Cheddar needs extra training time. He stayed home after he swallowed the ribbon and hurt his paw. He will be able to spend time with Robin at work this fall because she will have flexible schedules on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Robin’t looking forward to having him, and maybe other kitties, along with her in the office.

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