One year ago today…

Mama Izzy brought her little boys to Auntie Donna’s balcony.

They were very little then.
This is Izzy and Brie on August 18, 2013.

Here are all four of the Cheeses in boarding at the veterinarian in North Carolina on August 23, 2013. That’s Cheddar in front, then Bleu. Brie is on the left in back and Colby’s on the right.

Of course, Auntie Donna didn’t know they would be Cheeses when they turned up on her balcony. She just knew they were lovely little kittens. Actually much smaller than these pictures because it was 10 days earlier.

It’s hard to imagine the Cheeses outside in a parking lot in North Carolina now that I know them and their life here at our house.


bleu-freezer-smlBleu loves sleeping by the freezer. He also likes to hang out right outside the door in the catio where he can feel the air conditioning and the sun at the same time.







Colby-huntingColby likes to hunt, whether it’s bugs in the house or birds through the window.









cheddar-bedCheddar enjoys sleeping on Robin’s bed.







Brie-buddhas-smlBrie has learned to appreciate art.








No matter what the Cheeses do, I still have the best spot.

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