Selling our table

Robin says we all must have jobs. Bleu is learning to vacuum. Cheddar is learning to be a therapy cat.

colby-table-smlColby is studying sales. He’s working on his first big project: selling the table and chairs out of our dining room. He checked Robin’s cleaning of the glass top and made sure the table and chairs are all steady on their legs. This table is even more antique than Robin! Grandpa John and U.H. bought it in 1958. It has served our human family well and provided great sleeping for lots of kitties.

lexi-table-smlCurrently, the table is a favorite sleeping place for Lexi. Lexi is interested in a forever home where she could be an only kitty, but she doesn’t want to be sold with the table.

If you’re local and want more info on the table and chairs, take a look at this album.

Don’t worry about Lexi’s sleeping place. We’re getting a new-to-us mahogany table that came from New Mexico. It’s a little bigger than this one and has a leaf that folds out, so more humans can gather around it. Robin has an idea to invite humans over to meet all of us. I’m going to leave the socializing to the Cheeses. My job is cuddling Robin.

One thought on “Selling our table

  1. You all do your jobs so well, Robin is lucky to have such smart, responsible fur kids. I am especially impressed that Bleu is learning to vaccum- I think our fur doggie sister Sophie would enjoy that job as she would volunteer to clean up any and all crumbs wholeheartedly! My job is the same as yours- cuddling with my Mom. Kaspars job is security as he enjoys patrolling the yard for any species of trespassers and makes several daily sweeps of the inside of the house to make sure all is in order.
    Mom says our payment is treats and snuggles, but I think we deserve a better benefit package than that- I am thinking of going on strike for an unlimited amount of servings by request of smoked turkey deli meat. It’s only fair for the amount of work we put in everyday, how else are we to keep up our energy?!

    Clove & Kaspars

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