#ShopForCinnamon: First Items Posted!

Cinnamon 4 sleepy after warm bathThe first items in our auction for Cinnamon’s travel and vet care expenses are up on Instagram! This week we have a couple of scarves and a lovely, handmade nightgown from Haiti Projects, a Laurel Burch scarf with a dog design and a funky scarf Robin picked up in Cambodia.

These three auction items close on March 21 at 9 pm central time. Once we know where the items are going, we’ll calculate shipping and let the winning bidder know the total cost. At the moment (Thursday, March 13), we’re still trying to figure out the best way to keep track of bids. For these three items, shoppers may bid here, making note which item, on my Facebook page and on my Instagram page. This sounds a bit complicated to keep up with, however, so we are going to need to work out a better system for items that will come later in the #ShopForCinnamon auction. The Instagram comments will be the main bidding site, but we know everyone doesn’t have an Instagram account. We’ll see how things unfold with these three items.

When Robin and her students get back from Spring Break, there will be lots of jewelry and other small items for you to #ShopForCinnamon.

All proceeds from the #ShopForCinnamon auction will go to ARF – Animal Rescue Foundation. If you’re not interested in shopping, you may make a donation on behalf of Cinnamon directly to ARF by visiting his YouCaring fundraiser. We have raised $440 so far! Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!!

We’re close to covering Cinnamon’s travel expenses. We don’t know yet what his vet bill is going to amount to. He boarded twice and needed care for complications in his neuter surgery. He’s doing well now and is headed to his second foster home today!

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