Seguin City Shelter and a Siamese kitty

Robin went to the city animal shelter the other day to learn more about their facility for cats. She has been asked to speak about cat sheltering in the citizen comment section of the city council meeting next week. The police oversee animal services, including the shelter, and they are mounting an effort to build a new shelter. I don’t know when the shelter was built, but it’s been there a long time and although the staff do as much as they can with their resources, the town really should build a bigger, better shelter.

The kitties have some climbing furniture, and they get to have treats and toys when the shelter is closed. About half of them range freely in the cat room while the others are in kennel, then they switch it up. A beautiful tortie has been helping mother the kittens. She has two litters with her now, neither her own. She placed them separately in the kennel, littlest ones in a clean, empty litter box, bigger ones in the main part of the cage. She trades off nursing the two groups. Robin met a pretty, outgoing silver tabby who has reaching out to the potential adopters down!

lynx-pt-pic-6-14-13She took pictures of this guy to try to get him into Siamese rescue, but Austin Siamese Rescue and Texas Siamese Rescue are full right now. The folks in Austin said they could crosspost his info. Robin posted it on Facebook too, and I decided to give him some exposure here. He’s about 4 months old and had his first vaccinations. Robin says he seems like a nice kitty and kind of cooperated with having his picture taken. If you are interested in finding out more about him or adopting him, call Seguin Animal Services 830-401-2335. I can send Robin to pull him from the shelter for an adopter who isn’t local, and she even said she could drive him to a home that was only a couple of hours or so from Seguin.


3 thoughts on “Seguin City Shelter and a Siamese kitty

  1. My cat is a lynx point siamese also, but she has the ‘bob’ tail which is by far her best feature! Most certainly a very loveable breed of cats, and super soft. If I didn’t have 2 already I would snatch this one up! I hope he finds the perfect home where he will get tons of attention.

    1. Our lynx point sisfur’s name is Lexie! Isn’t that interesting? We sure hope that guy gets a good home, too.

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