Days 5 and 6: Getting Used to Reggie

CK-portraitMy training is going really well. Not even a week yet, and Robin is much less anxious already!

Yesterday, I came out of my room at 7 a.m. and didn’t go back in until 2 p.m. This is the longest time I’ve spent outside my safe haven for I can’t remember how long. Part of the time I was helping Robin with her work on the new magazine, part of it hanging out with Lexie, and part of it in other places in our house. I had a long nap on the highly desirable gray wool blanket!

I helped Robin from my position on the dining room table, and when I heard Reggie meowing in the next room, I lifted up my head and meowed back, but that was all. I search for him when I’m over by the screens, and sometimes he turns up. I yell a little, but I don’t run at him. Also, Robin ushers me back to my room every time I yell at him, or at Becket.

Today’s starting out well too. I ate my morning treat in the dining room while Lexie was standing near me (she had her treat in the kitchen before I came out). I played with a new catnip kicking toy very near the screens, where Reggie or anybody might have seen me. It’s my favorite ModKicker toy from Hauspanther. How could I resist?

I’ve shouted at Reggie once and at Becket, too, this morning. When I shout, Robin takes me back to my room. I try to go other places instead, like the table, but I finally go with her. She closes the door, but I don’t have to stay there very long. She tried time-outs with me before when I started to yell at the other kitties, but I didn’t calm down. I would come back out of my room and run to find whoever it was I was shouting at, well, Reggie.

Now, I go back inside my safe space, wait a little bit and come out more relaxed. I’m currently ignoring Reggie’s conversation with UH in the living room while I look for bugs in the dining room.

Robin says it’s important that I willingly do things that she asks me to, even if I’m upset, because she wants me to be safe and happy. For her to be able to communicate with me, I need to be willing to play and eat. I also need to feel comfortable in the space. I guess I’ll trust her. She hasn’t let me down before.

3 thoughts on “Days 5 and 6: Getting Used to Reggie

  1. How sweet mew are, my Mom feels like mewz Mom Robin does when it comes to my formerly feral brother Kaspars. He has come a long way in socialization and his loving nature. I’m so glad Robin saw this in mew and was willing to help mew for as long as mew needed. Mew are one cool dude Chessie!

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