More on Day 6: We leap ahead of the program

Reggie and I made a silent space swap while Robin was away at the market.

UH closed the doors that are usually closed when I come out of my room and opened the screens on the dining room. I hung out in the living room with her while she read a novel. Until I moved on that is, unbeknownst to UH, into Robin’s bedroom through the door that had come open just a little. Reggie left the bedroom and went in the entryway to nap with Meggy. We didn’t say anything at all to each other. That’s the cool part.

When Robin came home with the food, I was nowhere to be found! Then she saw why. The door stood open about 6 inches.

Robin found me under her bed looking very contented. She was surprised that is was me under there because I usually make Reggie go under the bed if I get an opportunity. And then I make him stay.

UH found Reggie under the stroller in the entryway, napping with Meggy. I guess Robin didn’t see Reggie because Meggy’s orange roundness blinded her to the simple, smokey black kitty behind her.

I got to stay in Robin’s room while she made and ate lunch. When I went back in my room, I got tuna flakes. Later, I came out again when they weren’t being careful with my door and got more tuna flakes.

AND Robin says I am a major success again today. I’m starting to like this training program.


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