Jingles Update!

JinglesJust a couple weeks after surgery, and Jingles is making the most of life again. His caregiver updated us yesterday with these pictures and these words:

Jingles got his staples removed yesturday!! He is doing great and has learned to walk perfectly!! Thankyou all so, so much!!!

Jingles 2

It looks like Jingles is getting around in the house just fine!

His caregiver takes care of a colony of ferals that numbers more than 20 kitties. Animal Rescue Foundation is helping her to spay and neuter kitties. She takes care of all the feeding.

Thanks again to all the people who contributed to Jingles getting his life-saving surgery!

3 thoughts on “Jingles Update!

  1. MEWYAY! Go Jingles go! What a pawsome and truly compassionate, giving human Jingles has to love him and all the colony cats. These poor, so often misunderstood and discriminated against, abused, neglected kitties are lucky to have her to give them a safe, healthy, and good life on her property. Feral kitties are no different than we domesticated ones: they need food, medical care, love, shelter, and protection. My brofur Kaspars was feral when he showed up in our yard one snowy day ten years ago. He was emaciated, cold, and begging for food. It took almost 2 months of feeding and slowly approaching him before he trusted our human/Mom enough to take him to the vet or come inside. He still is skittish and only trusts family and close friends, but has turned in to the most loyal, protective, loving kitty. He was only supposed to be a foster, but much to my protest became a member of the family. I tolerate him, but only because he understands I’M in charge and am top cat! Kitties like Jingles and Kaspy are proof that feral kitties have worth and deserve our respect and advocacy. FERAL KITTIES ROCK!

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