A Cuddle a Day: Rosie

photo-470Robin and her students met Rosie this afternoon at the rescue. She has the furrowed brow of a shar pei and the body of some kind of terrier, maybe.

Just this morning, Rosie was on the kill list at our county animal control. Carol brought her home to save her life and the lives of her unborn puppies.

Rosie is incredibly trusting. She has so much love to give! Rosie sat on everyone’s lap and kissed all of their faces. She treated all three students and Robin as if she had known them forever. In the pictures she’s cuddling with Jennifer (who plays first base on the university softball team and is having a WINNING season!).jennifer-rosie

Rosie’s belly is so big that she can’t actually see her back end, even when she tries.

Carol gave her a bath tonight, probably her last before she delivers her puppies. I’m sure she looks super cute in her rhinestone collar now that’s she’s all cleaned up.

Rosie is staying at Asylum Rescue if you’d like some of her love, or a puppy!

Note: Robin’s student Jacob took the pictures with his Iphone.

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2 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Rosie

  1. MEWYAY! Thank mew to Carol and everyone involved in saving Rosie and her babies! She is so grateful and loving, she will make someone very happy when she is ready for adoption. I am a former mama cat who was dumped alone and pregnant out in the country, so Rosie’s story is one I can identify with and makes this Queen cat ANGRY! HISS!! *fat tail*
    Where we were left is different, but we and our unborn babies were both left to the same fate: certain death, had some kind humans not stepped up to take us out of danger and to a safe place. I went on to have my babies in comfort and safety and we were taken to a no kill shelter foster home to live until my kits were weaned. Rosie will get to have this same love and devotion and her pups will be safe and then they all will be fixed so they will not have to go through what their mama did and she won’t have to have any more litters, also what happened with my kits and me. This is a HUGE gift we all were given!
    My anger comes from the ignorant and irresponsible people who I lived with as a young cat then dumped me in the woods pregnant and the people who Rosie lived with and later dumped her at the kill shelter- WHO do they think they are to adopt and animal and then NOT see to it we get spayed or neutered, yet become upset when we become pregnant?! And THEN if that’s not bad enough, DUMP us to be killed because it’s too much work, a nuisance, not what THEY got a pet for when it was THEIR lack of responsibility that brought about the situation!! WHY do we have to suffer, be punished, KILLED for something they were supposed to do, look after us?!
    Dogs like Rosie and her soon to be pups and cats like me and my kittens are INNOCENT and rely on those who pledge to love and protect us to get us the medical care we need to live healthier, happy lives, and cut down on the numbers of healthy cats and dogs euthanized due to overpopulation. This one simple procedure changes so many lives for the better, we need to celebrate and thank people like Auntie Robin, Miss Carol, their students, and the kind family and shelter staff that saved me and my 4 kits- who everyday work to selflessly save lives and clean up the mess left by their fellow lazy humans. The time they take to care for us, raise funds to run no kill shelters, and educate the public about the importance of spay and neuter is why I will be forever grateful and share my story with others in the hopes it may help change minds and educate. I have no doubt Rosie would agree and will do the same herself. ConCATulations Mama Rosie! Enjoy mewz new adventure in motherhood and mew AND mewz soon to be pups enjoy mewz healthy, safe lives with mewz future forever families. Mewmew!

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