Rosie Had Her Puppies!

rosie-puppiesRosie’s puppies are two days old in this picture. She had them on Monday morning. Because no one knew exactly when she got pregnant, there was some concern about her, so Carol took her to the vet, who X-rayed her and found five puppies.


Rosies-puppiesIf you count the puppies, you’ll find more than that.

Here’s another picture to make the counting easier!


Everybody who comments with a puppy count will be entered in a raffle for one of my human’s drawings! She will select a few from my online store and the winner will choose one of them!

Rosie and her puppies are in rescue and will be up for adoption when the puppies are old enough. My human says Rosie’s fur feels like a bristly brush, and she is very nice. I think she is going to be a good mama dog.

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