A Cuddle a Day: Learning to Share

I’m not sure which of us has more to learn about sharing, but we’re trying. First, Meggy rolled me out of my usual spot and onto the FLOOR! Then, she climbed into Robin’s lap and made herself comfortable. I got myself upright and stared at Meggy. She didn’t move, so I walked slowly over to my food bowl, which was covered up because Meggy eats my food. Robin uncovered the bowl, and I had a snack. I sat really close to Robin, then, and looked at Meggy again. She didn’t move.

Finally, I climbed up there and tried to find room. Meggy didn’t even try to move over, but I figured it out.

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2 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Learning to Share

  1. Awwww Meggie and Chessie my dear furiends, mew make me laugh and smile at how funny and sweet this photo is! I am glad mew are learning to share and understand that there is enough Auntie Robin for the both of mew. I must say as a fellow tortie/torby ladycat however (no offense Chessie dear!): MEWOOHOO Meggie! WOOT! WOOT! Mew rock Meggie- pawsome job holding mewz ground and having no apologies for it! Calico/Tortie/Torby ladycats everywhere are waving their paws in the air for mewz wonderful display of TORBITUDE! *dances her happy dance as tail twirls and she shakes her hips from side to side, spins around and moonwalks across the living room while Auntie Beth watches shaking her head at Phoebe’s celebration of ‘CALITUDE/TORTITUDE/TORBITUDE’*

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