A Cuddle a Day: Karma Gets Cold

Karma has a hard time on wintery days. On those days, which are not too frequent where we live, she curls up in Robin’s bed and stays there. Robin turns on the heating pad underneath the covers to keep Karma warm. Last winter, they tried sweaters, but Karma hates clothes. Karma is thankful that our cold spells come in short bursts.

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2 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Karma Gets Cold

  1. I can sympathize with Karma, I have been curled up on my heated circle bed too in this cold cold weather. As a senior lady cat, I need lots of warmth for my aging joints. Mom tried to put a fleece jacket on me but I let her know that was NOT appreciated real fast! She says she will find me a nice comfy sweater, I’m afraid she may be a bit delusional! MOL!
    I hope mew all are doing good Chessie and keeping warm too. Give my loves to Meggie. Mewmew!

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