A Cuddle a Day: Reggie Went to the Vet

Getting upset turns out to be useful. Robin had a vet appointment for me to meet our new vet on Wednesday, but since I was only just beginning to calm down after the desecration of my closet nest, Reggie went instead.

Actually, Reggie had a good time at the vet, which I can hardly fathom. He said everyone was very nice. He didn’t get scared at all. It was a little bit far to go in the car, but even that didn’t seem to bother him too much. They weighed him (12.3 pounds), took his temperature (102 exactly!), gave him vaccinations and even drew blood for thyroid test (normal).

The new vet even said Reggie was BEAUTIFUL! He has a lovely silver undercoat! AND he’s a GOOD KITTY. She OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know him very well.

Now, Reggie’s cuddling with the catnip banana.

I am getting curious about this new vet. Karma thought she was OK too. Maybe I’ll let Robin take me…. the vet said to let me wait a few weeks. She might be all right.

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4 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Reggie Went to the Vet

  1. Hmmmmm, you got off easy, for sure. Me, I don’t mind the vet. After all, they saved my life over there. The vet is justly proud of his work whenever he sees me. But you should see sisfur Java. She turns from a sweet kitty into a hissing, growling beast. We call it the Kitty Jekyl/ Tigress Hyde Syndrome. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Conspiracy warning! be alert! All the glowing reports are to delude you into doing something to please Robin and nothing to please you! Once you submit to a little, you lose a lot! do not allow medical records to be kept (they can be used against you). Do not allow yourself to be microchipped(they can trace your movements). be vigilant against intrusions in your private areas (you could lose them!). Know your rights (and your lefts). Say no to needless meds, needless exams, be a CAT for goodness’ sake! Take this fight beyond the litterbox- take it up the wallpapered wall, toss it up on the Oriental rugs, spray your message through the house like Banksy- don’t just purr and walk away. do you know how they take your temperature there?
    (a message from the kitTParty, and dose. Of reflect the view of the publisher or author of this blog)

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