A Cuddle a Day: I Get Upset

I’m calm and happy now, but I had a couple of hard days. First, a carpenter was IN my special room. I shouted at him! THEN, he put shelves in my favorite closet. I slept in there in a nest of blankets, and now the shelves are cold and hard and there is stuff all over my room that doesn’t belong there.

I was scared during all of the building and hid all day yesterday until the carpenter left.

I started meowing at about 4 am and didn’t stop until Meggy came in to hang out with me at about 7. Robin came and tried to cuddle with me. I went under her blankets a few times, but then I had to get up and shout some more. While Meggy was with me, I was quiet. At about 8 Robin closed Reggie in her bedroom and gave me the run of the rest of the house (not the garage), but I was still unhappy.

After Robin went to work, I settled down a little. UH painted those shelves and tried to have me sit on her lap while she ate lunch, but I didn’t want to. By the time Robin came home, I was OK. I’ve been cuddling and resting for a few hours now.

Reggie and Becket are still in the bedroom!

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4 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: I Get Upset

  1. Oh no, what a difficult time you’ve had! How upsetting. I can understand why you were scared and confused. I hope things get back to normal or at least to a nice routine soon. Comforting Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  2. Awwww Chessie sweetie, I’m sorry mew were so upset with all the change, it can be a scary thing when our usual stuff is suddenly different. I know it was not easy, but just think how much this experience made mew stronger. Mew have overcome so much already, this need only be one of the hurdles we face in life. Mew know mewzelf to be strong, fierce, a survivor- mew just need to keep reminding mewzelf so. Keep on being the wonderful mancat mew are, I adore mew my furiend. Mewmew! <3 *hugs Chessie close and pats his head with her paw*

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