A Cuddle a Day + Rescue Kitten Update

Robin smells a bit funny tonight. I know she washed her hands, but she has a lingering scent of Adams Flea and Tick Control. She had to spray some on a towel and wrap each rescue kitten in the towel to help get rid of their fleas. She spent several hours first calming, then combing, then wrapping, then combing and calming again.

All four now have significantly fewer fleas, and they all like her even more than they did yesterday.

Now that they are almost free of fleas, Robin redecorated their kitten cage … with a hammock. Sunshine was the first to get up on the hammock, but his sisters quickly figured out how to get up there too, and they pushed him off!

Yes, it seems all but Sunshine are girl kittens.

After they play, the kittens conk out to sleep. Now, two sleep on the hammock and two sleep in corners on the main floor. They switch off.

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One thought on “A Cuddle a Day + Rescue Kitten Update

  1. Hi Cheshire sweetie! Mew are so lucky to have those cute baby kits at mewz house! Mew are very nice to share Robin with these babes and all your other fur siblings. Smooches to mew and please give my love to Nutmeg <3<3<3. Purrrrrrrrr!!!!!

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