A Cuddle a Day + Rescue Kitten Guest Cuddle

It’s OK with me to share Robin with the rescue kittens, really, it is! But I do like to get my cuddles in.

We had training this morning with Meggy, so I showed off that I’m better at everything than she is. Then Robin stayed with me forEVER.  It was wonderful. I relaxed so completely that I slipped off her lap, finally, and went for an extra bite of breakfast to save face.

The little ones had lots of fun with their foster mom today, and Robin went over long enough to run the flea comb through their silky fur again. Today was rainy and lazy, and the kittens were awfully busy cuddling with their reduced-flea siblings. Although Robin only found a few of them, the battle with the fleas is not over yet.

The rescue kittens are very happy little kittens. From the 9 o’clock position Shadow (or Shade), Smoke, Sweets, and Sunshine in the middle. He’s the only boy. Sweets, who wasn’t showing her face, tries to mother everyone else and does a passable job. Sunshine is very fastidious and cleans up after all of his sisters.

Shadow has come a really long way from hiding under the couch for three days to falling asleep on Robin’s lap this afternoon. Robin really is a decent human with a GREAT lap. I’m glad Shadow figured that out.

One or two of the kittens might get to stay with their foster mom, and we’ve heard that someone else might be interested in adopting one. Or they could move on to GCHS later in the week to meet the public. Robin thinks they’re up for it, but she will miss them.

Good thing she has all of us to keep her company!

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