Nutmeggy Plans a Pounce

Nutmeggy Plans

My sisfur Nutmeg had a nice conversation today with animal communicator @angelicinsights, who communicates with animals and is an Angel Therapy Practitioner. Sue called us from California. Nutmeg got to talk to Sue because her eating habits worry Upstairs Human.

As some of you know, Nutmeg has developed quite an impressive belly for a nine-month-old kitten. She’s been to the vet to make sure she doesn’t have worms. The vet tested her for more serious things too, and told Robin, “She has …. fat.”

Robin tried to get her to cut back on her kibble intake and treats, but that just made Meggy eat anything she could find. Anywhere. She even tried to steal my treats from me when I was getting medicine in the Pill Pockets. One day last week I swatted her so I could keep my treat. She didn’t care. Meggy told Sue that the way to solve the conflicts over treats is to give her twice as many as she gives anyone else.

Meggy told Sue that she LOVES food. She loves everything about food. She loves her life at our house, where she gets to eat, curl up and nap, then play over and over again.

She also told Sue some other things. Like, she LOVES to sneak up on the rest of us and POUNCE.

Karma had better watch out.

*Art Auction Update*

Yes, we have more great art lined up for auctions this week. First up is the big surprise work by @Cokiethecat’s Mom Kristin. Be here Sunday April 3 at 8 pm CDT to see this cool print. The auction will run for 48 hours to give bidders a chance to warm up and get back in the swing of things. We will again give the proceeds from the bidding competitions to World Vets to help with their work in Japan.

You’ve got a day to get your bidding paws warmed up!

3 thoughts on “Nutmeggy Plans a Pounce

  1. Hmm, I think I’d like to talk to dat lady too – she sounds like a nice lady cuz she told Nutmeg she should be fed twice as much as before. Dat’s my kine of ooman. Darn oomans around here have me on a diet. humphf!

  2. I finks dat why me n Nutmeggy likes each utter so much. I likes to eats az much az she doz and wif da fosters in da house I iz eatin up everyfin afore dey can gets to it.

    Mehbe I should takin to dat anipal talky purrson?

  3. That Nutmeggy is very silly. But, I know a lot of humans that LOVE to eat (ahem) so we understand. She is welcome to pounce on The Girl whenever she likes.

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