Auction and Treat Update

CK surveys his territoryJust a quick note to share that my human made a donation to World Vets today on behalf of all of our wonderful auction participants.

She donated $323. One bid is still outstanding and one bidder donated $30 directly to World Vets.( This option works particularly well for participants in Australia and New Zealand because PayPal sometimes gives us reason to HISS.)

Of this amount, $43 came from a sale at CheshireK Loves …. We took care of the $9.51 fees to PayPal. A couple of the winning bidders sent in more than their bid, which allowed us to make a bigger donation to help the animals in Japan.

We are getting art ready for the next round of auctions that will begin next week. First up will be a signed, limited-edition print by Cokie the Cat’s mom. Some of you will probably be able to guess the subject, but I’m not telling.

In the meantime, I am hanging out with my sisfurs upstairs. I even went downstairs a few times because I really like the new treats Robin got me. In fact, I think these treats make a fine substitute for that kibble stuff and am boycotting regular meals for the most part. I did eat when Upstairs Human gave me my bowl of kibble up here in the rafters. That was more interesting than eating on the shelf or the ironing board.

5 thoughts on “Auction and Treat Update

  1. Congrats to all of you for doing this! You are all so wonderful!

    And I have to agree with the other commenters. That’s a great picture of you Cheshire!!

  2. First, that is the best photograph of you I’ve ever seen. Second, that’s fantastic about the money your auction raised for World Vets. Third, I’m not telling either, and fourth, why did they take away Tender Vittles. The only thing like that now is Pounce ‘treats.’

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