Time for Bed

Sometimes the Cheeses double up in beds. Can you identify the featured Cheeses?

bleu-selfie-smlBleu spent a lot of time on Robin’s bed during the weekend (actually, he’s there right now, too). Robin tried all weekend to take a nice selfie with Bleu. This is the best she could do. Bleu is OK. I can still eat if he’s in the room. He doesn’t ever steal my food. I can’t say the same for Cheddar and Brie.

We are all happy today was a quiet day. Yesterday was noisy while our roof was trying to blow off. We were not scared although Bleu tried to get everyone to go upstairs. He thinks UP is always better.

Silly kitty.


5 thoughts on “Time for Bed

  1. I couldn’t begin to guess which cheese is which cheese. he he – they are both so very cute, and so is Blue. Love their names. So happy you are all okay. Those storms must have been very, very scary. Mario would have been under the bed all day.

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