Foster Kitty Zoe Is Waiting…

Zoe-paper-towel.smlFoster Kitty Zoe has been here a LONG time. She’s playful and happy and has even crate trained herself! She’s probably not much older than 1 year old. Our humans had her spayed and vaccinated in July.

Robin would normally have started looking for a forever family right then, but her mom was really sick and she could barely keep up with caring for us and her mom, let alone networking to find a forever family. She decided that Zoe could stay in our yard if she wanted, since she had come in from the community in the first place. (That’s why Zoe has an ear tip, to let everyone know she was spayed and cared for. Huckie has one too!)

Well, Zoe burned her paw pads walking in the newly paved street in October, and it turned out she had some other skin irritations. Her pristine pink skin and lily white fur were just not meant for the life of a street cat. As soon as the humans noticed Zoe was hurt, they brought her inside. She stayed in a bathroom until her pads healed. Later, she got another room of her own, so she has a Foster Suite.

She’s so playful and loves humans that she REALLY, REALLY wants to play more than Robin can play with her, what with caring for all of us and her job and her training to be a zoo docent and all. She wants to meet us, and we are generally interested in meeting her, but again, it takes a lot of time to introduce us one at a time so no one gets overwhelmed. Zoe and Reggie worked together to help Robin with her course syllabi last week, so we know she’s going to be OK with another friendly cat.

She really likes to eat chicken in all forms along with Science Diet hydrolyzed protein kibbles. She did an elimination diet to help her skin calm down.

Zoe loves to play with toys – paper towels and toilet paper are particular favorites, along with anything that crickles – and to climb up on the ladder with Robin. She also likes to cuddle quietly. And she would love to love her very own humans. Our humans will give you all of her veterinary records and would likely be able to help Zoe get to her forever home, if it’s not too far from our town.

So, how about it? Is Zoe your forever kitty?

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