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IMG_0676I know you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been (at least I hope you have been!) I have been cuddled in my big bed, enjoying winter temperatures. In the winter I let some Cheeses sleep with me, and of course, there’s Robin too. And we’ve been reading. That is when Robin is home. She’s been working a lot and promises to stay home and help us with holiday cards and gifts, especially the book exchange!

Although I’ve been forgetting to remind people about Karma’s Project, she has sold a bed! (One of the pretty blue and green mosaic print beds, to be exact.) Robin reactivated her sales tax number, so we can just sell the beds directly to you (instead of asking people to donate directly to ARF before getting a bed), and Karma can make the donation for spay/neuter services herself.

The round “doughnut” beds are $35 and we ship free in the US. December is a GREAT time to give a kitty or small dog a bed present!

Here are some beds you can choose:

ice-cream-flowers blue-green-flowers
golf sailing

And then, we also have round beds without sides for $25 and free shipping.

Here are the round flat beds:







We also have some bigger rectangular beds that are great for several cats to share or for dogs. Please, ask if you’re interested. A couple of them are camo print and one is basically pink.

If you’d like a bed, we take PayPal at rbisha AT sbcglobal DOT net. You can ask Robin and Karma questions about Karma’s Project at that email address too.

4 thoughts on “Pet Beds

  1. We are ordering one for my sister for Catmas! Go Karma on your project, you rock!
    We are happy to know you all are keeping warm and supervising Robin so she gets your work done. It’s not easy corralling humans to do stuff during the holidays!

    Kaspars & Mom

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