Flood Relief

We tried to keep up with the spreadsheet about our Twitter pals in Texas, but we didn’t do such a great job of it. There are a LOT of cats and dogs and other pets tweeting in Texas!

flood-reliefOur human decided to help the pets and their people who were affected by the flooding of the Blanco and San Marcos Rivers more concretely. She got people around here to help her collect some food for dogs and cats and some kitty litter. Actually, there was enough stuff to overload a minivan, so she and her friend put the biggest, heaviest bags in another car and headed off to San Marcos to deliver what they had collected to a flood relief distribution center there.


Betty-Off-WhiteThey took Betty Off-White, the foster dog (who is  available for adoption and, thankfully, not living with us, but Robin likes her and helped rescue her a little) with them. It was a fun outing for her, and she got a Justaburger on the way home.

We really hope all those people and the pets are safe now and the rivers don’t flood anymore and their homes get cleaned out or rebuilt very soon.

2 thoughts on “Flood Relief

  1. It was a great idea, but a massive undertaking and impossible to reach everyone. Delivering food was a very good alternative. You are a very kind person Robin..

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