How are you after (during?) the floods?

Nutmeggy has our human and some other humans working on a database of Texas anipals. We have a lot of online friends around Texas and want to help make sure everyone is accounted for and getting help if needed.

If you are a member of the anipal community on Twitter who lives in Texas, please, comment and tell us how you are doing. Be sure to include your Twitter handle so we can make a note that we’ve been in touch.

If you’re wondering about someone, comment and be sure to give us the pal’s Twitter handle.

We are have just put the database on Google Drive. Anyone who has this link (Link has been updated 9 pm CDT 5/27/2015: can view the spreadsheet. We are thinking about making it possible for everyone to edit, but that seemed like it might not work.  We want to keep track of pals’ locations by city and note if folks have checked in after the flood. We’ll update with info that you all leave in comments here. You can tweet us at @CheshireK and @NutmegTorby and we’ll add to the info. If you think we need another category, please let us know! @Newtthecat’s mom started the spreadsheet. We’re carrying on her work.


We live in Seguin and are high and dry as of this writing. We do have algae growing on our back stoop, but that is a not anything to be worrying about.

The dog in the picture is Ivory (formerly known as Betty Off-White), a dog who was rescued in Seguin’s Starcke Park after the Memorial Day rains. She is hanging out with the prison dogs now and is available for adoption through Paws in Prison

6 thoughts on “How are you after (during?) the floods?

  1. We got out of Texas for Memorial Day and Graduation Friday 29th in South Carolina. We live in Mckinney. Our Cat sitter says we are doing fine because we’re on second floor. Hugs to all

  2. We’re all good in Dallas. 2nd day of sun here but expecting storms to roll in Thursday till next week…supposedly. Even though it’s been raining pretty consistently, it’s still Texas weather. BOL! Our lakes are beyond full & going over spillways and Trinity River is HIGH. We live near Lewisville Lake in The Colony

  3. @rockstarwalrus and @thelittle_dude all okay! Small lake in the backyard and some algae growing. Oh, and knee-high grass tickling the doggie bums ’cause Mama can’t mow. Otherwise all good!

    Still waiting to hear from @nancycakeface.

    1. Mommy mowed on Memorial Day before storm hit. Grass so high that you couldn’t see Brooklyn, my mini doxie sisfur. BOL!

  4. That is a very nice thing for you todo. We have even wondering how everyone is also. Our hearts are breaking for those affected by the extreme weather. Stay safe friends.

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