Mittens sent me a text.

Cheshire: Yes, that Mittens. Mittens from Catster.


Nutmeggy-Mittens-smlNutmeggy: Actually, Mittens sent US 101 PAGES of texts! It’s his NEW BOOK!!!! And I got to read it with Mom.

Cheshire: We all got to read the book Mittens sent us. I think you should read it too. In fact….

Nutmeggy: Cheshie gets to GIVE one of you a copy of 101 pages of TEXTS FROM MITTENS!!!!!

Cheshire: Meggy, shhhhhh. I had a plan for the announcement of the give-away.

Nutmeggy: I KNOW!!!!! You are going to put all the names of our Cuddle Family members who leave us a comment on this post in the food puzzle and let Bleu pull one out because he’s the BEST at getting kibbles out of the puzzle!

Cheshire: Oh my goodness. She’s so loud. I need a phone to text Robin, so Nutmeg won’t find out what I’m doing.

Nutmeggy: I need a phone to tell the WHOLE FAMILY about the book from Mittens! *runs off, tail high* CHEESES!!!!! DID YOU READ TEXTS FROM MITTENS yet???? You’ve got to read it! It’s FUNNY. Mom laughed really loud.

ck-mittens-laughing-smlCheshire: Texts from Mittens: A Cat Who Has an Unlimited Data Plan… and isn’t Afraid to Use Itby Angie Bailey (and Mittens!). Get the book and leave it somewhere for your human to read.

Remember to leave a comment by 11:59 p.m. central daylight time Saturday (March 21) to win a copy of the book for you and your human!

I’ll let you all know who won on Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Mittens sent me a text.

  1. Meowning Cheshie, Meggie & family! I think Mittens book sounds pawsome-we’d love to win a a copy! Thanks for giving all your furiends this opportunity-yoo ROCK!
    Luv yoo!

  2. That sounds like a really cute book. I would love to win a copy, so please enter my name on Thule drawing. So nice of you to hold this drawing.

  3. Hiya Nutmeggy! We talk on Twitter all the time! I’m @ginacuccu This looks like a great gift for my mum and my sibfurs to read together! See you again soon! #wlf

  4. I’m so glad that Mom liked the texts! The Girl would love to get texts from me, but Annie’s might be scary.


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