The Winner Is……

reggie-food-puzzle-smlMeggy said Bleu would draw the winner of Texts From Mittens, but you’ll be surprised to hear that REGGIE stepped up to the task of picking the winner of our drawing.


Wait! we don’t really like the sound of drums. I will quietly announce the name of the winner.

The winner is……

*whispers* Katie!

We will tell  Miss Angie Bailey Katie’s address, and she will drop a copy of the book in the mail to her for The Girl.

Reggie got really excited about picking names out of the food puzzle and unexpectedly drew a second winner. I will let Nutmeggy announce who our second winner is.

Meggy: My Spirit Sisfur LILY won our copy of TEXTS FROM MITTENS!!!!!! I’m not sure we have your address, Lily, so I’ll be asking you to send it along, so we can mail you our copy.

Thank you to everyone who left us a comment. I know we haven’t been posting much while Robin is on sabbatical, but she promises to tell you all about what she’s been up to soon. We have been enjoying having her around with us more, too. Maybe the biggest news is that Reggie and I can be in the same room, and I can even eat. I do shout at him from time to time still because I have to keep him on his toes.

4 thoughts on “The Winner Is……

  1. Oh gosh, I only just got back here to find out who the winner is! Concatulations to Katie & Lily, how exciting.
    Also very happy to hear Robin is on sabbatical? I hope this means you’re getting more twitter time… My humum went on sabbatical and that was the deal, then she filled her sabbatical up with so much stuff and got stuck there and now we don’t get nearly enough twitter time… Maybe I should read Mittens book to learn how to text!
    Love yoo all,
    Isagold, Bettyblue & WeK

  2. *Excited ears* Thank yoo so much – I can’t believe I won! I can’t wait to get Mitten’s book so Mom can read it to me!
    Love yoo Spirit Sisfur, Cheshie, Cheeses, Robin, UH & efurryone else!

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