A Visit to Petie’s

Petie-Oct-2014-smlWe sent Robin to check on Petie during her autumn break from classes. He’s been living there with Grandpa John and Hanne for almost two years, and she reports he’s doing exceptionally well. In case you don’t remember, the Cuteheads transported Petie from our house to his home at the beach in Florida in January 2013.

Petie-living-roomPetie’s house is lovely and a short walk to the beach. He has a big back yard with a nice, high wall and lots of prey to hunt. He sometimes catches small rodents and lizards and Grandpa John and Hanne have asked him to please be nice and only play with the other animals.

Petie is pleased with his people. They give him his food on a lovely tray. This morning he had Tuna Florentine. When they go on a trip, Petie gets to stay at a place he likes a lot where the servants treat him well. Last time, he got upgraded to a luxury condo!

Petie-Robin-2014-smlPetie has spent every possible moment he can with Robin. He sleeps with her and has helped her finish the work she had to do for her students. Robin loves Petie and is glad Grandpa John adopted him. They have a good arrangement and love each other.

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