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meg-bleu-sewing-smlMom wanted me to help her sew this morning, but I was BUSY and had to train Bleu. Besides, I helped her make the big pad with the horses on it and the Cheeses REALLY have to start doing something useful.

bleu-cutting-board-smlFirst, I taught Bleu about measuring. Mom and U.H. have a green mat with lines on it.  They put material down on it and we have to lie down on the material to make sure the pieces are the right size and shape. Mom had some of the zafu put together — somehow I missed her cutting circles and strips and making PLEATS yesterday. But Mom messed up without my help and made a circle that had a weak place in the fabric running across it. Since she is going to SIT on this cushion, I had to show Bleu how to help her make a new circle.

He really wanted to help with the cutting, which meant that I had to monitor the situation CAREFULLY. I told hime it’s DANGEROUS to get your feet near the cutter. Or your nose. The last thing I want is for one of these Cheeses to get MORE ATTENTION by needing an emergency vet visit.

Next, Mom had to sew the long strip with the pleats onto the two circles. The strip makes the sides, and once we stuff the zafu the pleats will pooch out. Mom said it will look like my belly.

Mom thinks pooching out is cute. That means I’M cuter than Bleu.

bleu-sits-sews-smlMom uses a machine to make most of her stitches. We usually wait on the cutting table while she does that. The machine is kind of loud, and Mom won’t let us touch her pins.

Pins would be SO MUCH FUN!

Mom wants me to tell you that she used directions from Buddhamind to make the zafu. The circles are 12 1/4″ in diameter. The strip for the side is 9″ wide and after pleating, it’s about 35″ long. She turned under the ends of the strip (which is not in the directions) to have a finished edge once the cushion is stuffed.

The mat (zabuton) we made last week has a panel by Laurel Burch and striped fabric from U.H.’s quilting cabinet. The finished mat is about 36″ on all sides. Inside the layers Mom put six layers of cotton batting from cutting up one queen-sized cotton batt. Mom tied the batt layers before putting them into the fabric envelope. The back of the mat is the same fabric as the zafu. Green, to match MY eyes.

Mom ordered kapok for stuffing from Carolina Morning Body Friendly Furniture. They say it takes two and a half pounds, so Mom ordered five pounds.

Bleu and Mom got the zafu all sewed together. It will be SO FUN to stuff it when the kapok comes in the mail! I will definitely help with stuffing. I can’t leave that to the amateurs.




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