Bleu finds his sport

Bleu-Briebutt-board-smlBleu gave up the roomba lessons and has taken up skateboard. He likes skateboarding. U.H. likes to see Bleu on the board much more than she enjoyed knowing he was sitting on Bruce, her roomba.

Skateboarding is Bleu’s top subject in Kitten School. Brie got on the board a couple of times when Robin first brought it home, so he’ll be next to focus on this track in the curriculum. Cheddar is still working on riding in the pouch. Colby is sweet and shakes his paw when Robin invites him to “shake.”

Bleu can get the skateboard rolling on his own, and he also rides when RBleu-on-board-smlobin pulls the board along. We have told Robin that our Cuddle Family needs video proof of Bleu’s progress, but she says she has to wait until Laura comes over because she can click, treat, pull the skateboard and take video all at the same time.

We told her to get over herself because Bleu deserves a good video.

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