Robin, a skunk and some ground hogs

groundhog-smlRobin went away to New York, to Omega Institute, where she meditated with other people who are professors.

The first animal to cross her path in New York was a SKUNK. Robin and U.H. looked up the symbolism of skunks and decided it was auspicious for her trip that this one turned up. Skunks speak up against injustice, according to one site. Another site said the skunk was telling her to work on her self-respect.

All in all she was glad to see the skunk at the beginning of her retreat.

When she got to Omega, she met ground hogs and learned they are marmots. Robin thought she had never seen a marmot, but she saw her first ground hogs a long, long, long time ago. Marmots are symbols of quantum leaps in spiritual development, according to one site. It’s wonderful that Omega Institute, a place for spiritual seekers, has ground hogs to help them.

Robin is blessed to have all of us kitties and her awareness of wild animals that help her on her path.


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