Back in the pouch

back-in-the-pouch-smlCheddar finished his course of antibiotics last night, and he’s back in training. He had forgotten how much he likes riding in the pouch but remembered pretty quickly when Robin pulled out the roasted chicken treats (Zuke’s for dogs, actually). She did give Reggie a little piece of the chicken, too, but no one else got any.

I guess we have to ride in the pouch to get roasted chicken. I’m certain it’s not worth it to me, but the other cats might be motivated.


3 thoughts on “Back in the pouch

  1. I love your cool pouch, Cheddar! I think I need to find one for Russell. We are happy to hear you are back in training and feeling better. I am commenting here, but we also saw your beautiful painting. Great work you do and it sure looks like fun.

  2. Do you think you might ride in the pouch to come visit me Chessie? Ohhhh how cute you would look! Cheddar is a brave cheese to train to help others, but you and the others each have special gifts too that are worth getting a little roasted chicken now and then. Perhaps when you work on agility?

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