intention-experiment-smlRobin is reading a book called The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart. The book presents elements of quantum physics experiments that help her understand the way everything in the universe is connected in one big energy field. This helps to explain why thoughts can have an effect on things.

A concept called “entanglement” helps to understand why thoughts can affect things even at a distance. Once the subatomic particles have touched each other, they stay in contact forever. So, if you met Robin while she was at some conference or workshop, you’re still in touch with her!

Later in the book, she gets to learn how to get her mind in the best shape for allowing her thoughts to change her world. (That’s what it says on the cover of the book.)

The authors are scientists who want their work to continue and to be interactive, too, so they invite readers to participate in their experiments on intention.

Robin’s getting a LOT of ideas for reading from her TTouch teacher, Linda Tellington-Jones, This is just one of the books that helps Dr. Tellington-Jones understand how the TTouch works. She created TTouch in the 1980s and the scientific writers are only recently presenting research that helps to explain why it works.

We will let you know more of what Robin takes away from her reading. Robin has good intentions.



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