In Memory of C.C., the Alamo Cat

C.C., who lived at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, for almost 18 years crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday. According to the San Antonio Express News, the official Alamo humans are planning to bury her there.

cc-alamoC.C., short for Clara Carmack, was 18 years old, and according to the longer version of the article that is available to subscribers, she succumbed to “afflictions of old age.”

Staff and visitors loved C.C. Our human has visited the Alamo but doesn’t remember meeting CC there. (She needs to sharpen her powers of recall, for Bast’s sake.)

To learn more about CC’s life as guardian and ambassador for the historic site, you can read C.C. and the Alamo Cats, by William Chemerka. As the title indicates C.C. was not the first cat to call the Alamo home, and we hope she will not be last.

Members of my Cuddle Family who subscribe by email can click on the title of the post to see the video, which was originally published by MG Crocco on YouTube. The photo of C.C. was originally published by gopher221 on Flickr.

2 thoughts on “In Memory of C.C., the Alamo Cat

  1. * removes beret and stands in silence for a moment *

    Farewell C.C. your life was a good one, I hope your passing was too, and that you left us knowing you are greatly respected in the cat world.


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