Heart Coherence

em2-smlRobin got this cute little device to evaluate her heart coherence. We kitties say her heart is coherently placed in the kitties’ corner and that’s all she ever needs to know, but she disagreed.

Being in a state of heart coherence, she told us, means the rhythms of her heart are balanced. Furthermore, having a balanced heart rhythm will influence her ability to regulate her hormones, digestion, respiration, immune functioning and cognition. She says practicing breathing along with the blue lights will improve her quality of life, and ours too.

We certainly like to play with the little red light, so if Robin wants to play with a little blue light, we are all for it! The green light means she is – at least temporarily – in a state of high heart coherence. A red light would mean her rhythms are out of sync and a blue one that the rhythms are moderately in sync.

The device is called emWave 2, and she bought it from the Institute of Heart Math. She learned about the work of Heart Math from her TTouch instructor, Linda Tellington-Jones. Heart coherence is important for TTouch practitioners for many reasons, among them that other beings’ bodily rhythms will come into sync with the strongest rhythm around (called entrainment). That means that when Robin is in a state of heart coherence, we will become calmer too.

The man in the big, brown van brought the em Wave 2 the other day. Robin breathed with it before she went to sleep that night. She said she hasn’t slept so well in a LONG time. WE said, thank you for the late breakfast. Well, only by one half hour…

P.S. Happy Birthday, Grandpa John!



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