Morning Naps Are Important

We wake Robin up at 6. Sometimes she doesn’t GET up till 6:30. In the meantime, the Cheeses run from one end of the house to the other. Very fast. (I must admit this scares me a little.) We have breakfast, go on the catio if we want to, and then we nap. We all nap. Today, I napped in the plum chair, which is getting to look like a golden chair instead. (I love furring the furniture!)

Becket gave Brie a forehead bath and Colby wanted one too, so they batted each other a little then rested. Becket never quite fell asleep, but Colby did. I saw it all.



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  1. Ms. Phoebe's Mom

    Your fur sibs and you make up the cutest bunch I’ve seen! I would so love to cuddle up during nap time with ALL of you. I wouldn’t mind being wakened by those rambunctious Cheeses!

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