Farewell, Ms. Phoebe.

phoebeToday we celebrate the life of Ms. Phoebe, who has been a loyal and active follower of CheshireLovesKarma. Ms. Phoebe’s human has shared her life with the Queen of Tortietude since 2003.

We have enjoyed Ms. Phoebe’s comments and advice are grateful to have had the opportunity to meet this lovely calico kitty and her human.

Godspeed, Ms. Phoebe.

Hugs from all of us to Ms. Phoebe’s Beth.


3 thoughts on “Farewell, Ms. Phoebe.

  1. Pheobe Bebe- as i called her….was a doll. A true ladycat full of grace & beauty.
    A matriarch of her family. You will be missed doll.
    Autie kate

  2. Thank you so much sweet Chessie, Meggy, Robin, and family for this sweet, thoughtful, and loving tribute to my girl. While she had been fighting a relentless respiratory infection and then hypertension for the past few months, we had hope that things were looking better so her sudden seizures to happen early Sunday morning were a shock. She was a fighter the last ten of her thirteen years of life despite having a fatal auto immune disease and endeared herself to all who treated her, but this time her body was too weak to fight and she let me know it was her time to go. It is never easy as you know, having to say goodbye to Midnight and other family members, yet we know we will see them again one day and they are now at the Bridge, forever healthy and free of all pain. This comforts me, her brother Kaspars, and doggie sister Sophie. We know her sister Černy, who went a year and a half ago, was there with many friends waiting to welcome her.
    Phoebe always loved when we read your blog and thought all you do to help kitties and doggies in need was wonderful. She especially found Robin’s work with understanding canine and feline behavior and using agility training as a tool to help them with anxiety and socialization issues fascinating and admirable. A very socially friendly and mellow ladycat herself, she felt such a technique would be great for cats like her sister Černy who had been abused and suffered from anxiety issues, and also for her brother Kaspars, who being formerly feral is still a very cautious, skittish mancat. Phoebe wanted all cats and dogs to feel safe, loved, and have a forever home like she did. She applauded fellow animals and humans who work to see that as many do as possible. Your friendship and caring meant the world to her and does to me. Her brother and I will continue to follow in her memory and to keep in touch with your dear family.
    -Much love, purrs, and gratitude,
    Phoebe’s Mom Beth & family

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