Cheeses Help With Home Dec

brie-1-20-smlThe Cheeses tried to help Robin hang her new room-darkening shades today. Sadly, even with five heads and 10 arms, they couldn’t get the job done. Becket and I looked on from the bed. We weren’t surprised when Robin threw up her hands and called the nice man who helped her fix the door knob a couple of weeks ago.

We hope he calls her back soon because the street light shines into Robin’s bedroom like it was daylight in there, even in the middle of the night. She went away into the polar vortex, and while she was gone, a bunch of men wearing hard hats moved the street light to the other side of the street. We watched them do it.

After Robin and the Cheeses gave up on the shades, Robin sat down to read for her classes, and the Cheeses napped. She had Bleu and Cheddar on her lap for a while (separately). This is Brie on his favorite pillow.

I went in my room for tuna flakes.

The Cheeses are much better at helping Robin make plans for the future, but that’s a post for another day.

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